Team Saverino
Established 1980

Team Saverino is headquartered out of Carol Stream Illinois just 30 Minutes West of Chicago. Team Saverino operates in Segments from Convenience Stores, Vending and Special Markets in 14 Midwest States.

From the inception of our Convenience Segment, Team Saverino has always had the focus to offer our Oil Chain Customers the best handheld and prepared foods available on the market.   We help them become a destination point, one-stop-shop for the consumer which in turn gains internal store profits to combat the shrinking Tobacco and Fuel margins.

With a Street sales staff of over 25, Team Saverino is able to manage our customer base on a very frequent cycle.  We have 14 internal office staff to handle everything from orders, deductions, tracking, spin report and all manufacturer online system requirements. This efficient internal team allows each sale rep to focus on the customer.

Frank Saverino has lead this team from early on and has surrounded the team with the best inside and outside staff the workplace has to offer.