About NAN

Behind the scenes for the past decade a few regional brokers have talked about forming an Alliance to offer our Manufacturer Partners National coverage on a regional basis. The day has arrived that three of the top regional brokers in the country have came together to form the new National Alliance Network (NAN)

Total Convenience Marketing, KC Krafts and Team Saverino have the perfect solution to the National Brokers offering the best coverage on a National basis.

With the core focus of each company concentrating on street business, big and small, each company is able to offer chain coverage from 10 to 3000 locations on a regular cycle rather than just focusing on the top 50 Retailers in the US.

With an over 100 member staff each manufacture will get the attention they demand and the opportunity to grow in each market. NAN will be able to offer National launches of product lines from the East to the West Coast or we can roll out in segments that offer our partners the best coverage and product placement.

The NAN team has over 150 years of experience in the Convenience Segment with the best trained and most diversified sales force with a proven past history of Corporate Purchasing, Rack Setters, Distributor Sales Reps, Owner operators, Chefsā€¦. and the list goes on and on.

We welcome the opportunity to Partner with your Company and to grow both of our businesses in the most beneficial way.


Frank Saverino, Jr., Executive Vice President
Team Saverino
Saverino & Associates, Inc.